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Before you can do practice exam , you need to have passed the theory test. If you succeed , you will receive a certificate theory . This is a year and valid for six months. The norm is to succeed : At least 13 of the 25 questions correctly to hazard and at least 35 of the 30 good questions about Traffic plus 10 Questions About Traffic Insight . The exam takes about 45 minutes.

Theory test you can take at different times in one of the thirty theory of the CBR centers in the Netherlands ( Book your theory test themselves through the online booking of the cbr ( ) . If for any reason you are unable to do this yourself , we can also provide a theory test before you book .

Make sure you know your subject matter !

Make sure you know your theory well . How do you teach your curriculum , set your course from scratch. tips :


  • You can follow theory with us . This is certainly not mandatory . Of course, you increase the chances that you pass your theory test .
  • You can learn the theory itself using a theory book . You can buy it from (web ) bookstores , through our agents and publishers of traffic . There are also CD – ROMs .
  • We also offer you the opportunity to take a course online and to practice in . We highly recommend this to learn quickly and efficiently.
  • All traffic rules and the meaning of road signs can be found at

To order an good English theory book look at this site: (Learning to drive – Theory book)

iTheory package (only Dutch till now)itheorie

Normally takes a full package iTheory 69 euro as its official iTheory driving school, we can offer it for only 15 euros!!

You will receive an access code with. Enter this code 5874289FBA1 ….. on the site and you have full access to the digibook, the hazard films, and films praktijkinstruktie.

(Order iTheory package: the missing 5 code sharing can be requested by sending an email to

In the page Handige linksare sites where you can find a free online course on theory and practice exams.