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Packages and Rates

Action!! Bring on a new student, then you get 2 driving lessons for free !!!

(let me know via an application form:


(price per 1 May 2014):
Start Pakket (20 lessen, examen, eigen verklaring) *
€ 1089
All-in Pakket (25 lessen, TTT, examen, examen garantie, eigen verklaring)
€ 1578
Vervolg les (uitbreiding van een pakket. Het aantal is afhankelijk van de uitkomst van de TTT or the Test Exam)
€ 39
Spoedcursussen (je rijbewijs halen in 7 tot 10 dagen) **
afhankelijk van pakket
Losse les
€ 42
Proefles ***
€ 25
€ 27
€ 18
€ 39
rijles in een rijsimulator (green dino) per les
€ 17,50
Proefexamen *
€ 64
Tussentijdse toets (TTT) *****
€ 200
Praktijk (her)examen CBR (incl. autohuur en administratie kosten)
€ 240
€ 27
iTheoriepakket (digi-boek, gevaarherkenning, theorie-examens, praktijkinstruktie)
€ 15 (normaal € 69)
Theoriepakket huur (theorie boek Verjo en dvd met oefenexamens)
€ 1 per week (borg € 25)
Privé theorieles (per uur)
€ 15

Note: the practice exam and the TTT include half an hour driving lesson to the exam location, the costs of the CBR, the own statement (at the practice exam), rent of the les car and handling. You may then driving home with the les car.

* Test exam : Being conducted by a fellow instructor . We go during your lesson exam route driving , and discuss the ride after which you hear is what went well and what could be there. Further improved Is included in the rental car in the price. After the test exam we determine how many follow lessons you need. N.B. Start package includes the test exam.

** Intensive course : 7 to 10 days to get your license . On the basis of your intake lesson we determine how many lessons you need and schedule for you , as well as the exam . Will It is also possible to work with another student to follow , with an hour quenches every turn, and so learn from each other and the lessons will be better understood in a shorter amount of time so you ‘re cheaper. Duo lessons So you can follow 72 duo lessons , and then take exams for € 1,649 per person .

*** Trial lesson is free when taking at least 10 following lessons, otherwise you pay a fee of € 25 .

**** Self declaration : At the first driving lesson we are going to put together a self declaration. It contains questions about your physical and mental condition regarding your driving skills. If  there are details then we can take it into account. When applying for your driving test we give you answers to the CBR.

***** TTT : The mid-term exam is not required . To do a TTT you should be in possession of a theory certificate or a valid license ( another category ) . You can not pass your driver’s license , but you can get an exemption for special manoeuvres ( such as a parking job , stop order , or once contract) afterwards. After the TTT , we determine how many lessons you may still continued need.

At about two-thirds of the driver training you can get a so-called interim test ( TTT ) making the CBR . It is a good opportunity for you to get used to the driving test , make money for ” special maneuvers ” for the next car exam , and any nervousness to take away. Exemptions More than one in three candidates is currently using an interim test . Their success rate increases with an average of twenty percent , experience .

For more information see :

How many lessons do you need ?

There are those who have some experience ( other driving school ) or excessively talented . For them, 15 to 30 lessons sufficient. Much more common is a learner . More than 30 hours The national average is about 40 lessons.
Remember that it is too early to go on exam and do not achieve the desired result is not only highly detrimental to your wallet but also very frustrating .

We offer packages to where you get discount on lessons. You can also pay for the package in two installments . The choice of a package of course is always in agreement . Should it turn out that you do need fewer lessons , you get the lessons overpaid. It is also possible to package yourself to participate . Consultation or individual lessons together You’re all quite how you want it .