Would you like to get quickly ( within 1 or 2 weeks ) your driver’s license ? Make sure to take now an intake appointment.

We guarantee :

  • Highest quality by qualified and experienced instructors .

  • Patient and personal approach. Feel safe and at ease what is so pleasurable.

  • Structured and proven teaching methods . We also support you with training materials for home .

  • By the above points a better MOTIVATION which reduces driving lessons and thereby its more economical to get your driving license !

We provide lessons in and around Amsterdam , Zaandam , Haarlem, Leusden, Utrecht, Hoorn , Heerlen and its surroundings , and accelerated courses throughout the Netherlands . Together with you we work structured for the coveted pink pass.We want you to understand the lessons and get some feeling for driving. And that you will see for yourself what you’re doing (instead of saying yes all the time without thinking). We borrow your free theory study materials and practice exams , and offer instructional material (movies, documents) to be able to prepare at home for the next lessons.

We offer you further :

  • A free trial/intake lesson in a new , clean and safe VW

  • Driving license in 1 or 2 weeks

  • With us you can take lessons directly without waiting times

  • Fear of driving phobias and certified instructor

  • Sharp custom package prices

  • Lessons for all ages

  • Learn to drive safely is our main goal

  • We will pick you up and bring you back to your desired location

  • Absences Equalities daily between 8:00 and 22:00

  • The ability to play your own music during class

  • Pay in installments possible

a free trial lesson or intake at ELBE Driving School:

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Trial Supervised Driving 2toDrive :

How does it work? Are you 16 years old ?
Then you can start to get your theory test .
From 16.5 years you can do driving lessons .
If you become 17 years old you can do the driving exam.
Did you get your license ? Then you have to drive with your coach till you are 18.
From your 18th you can drive without coach .
Are you on November 1, 2011 for 17 , then you could already start driving lessons , but only do practical when you’re 18 .
See also http://www.2todrive.nl

Do you timely theory.

Knowledge of the theory ( signs , priority , etc. ) is of course very useful during the lessons . Going through the theory and doing the theory test just before you do the practical exam is in our opinion not as efficient. It is better to achieve a theory certificate before or at the beginning of your driving course. A valid (up to 1.5 years old ) theory certificate is needed for driving exam.
We give theory lessons.

Then the exam :

The driving test is the ultimate goal for most students . This is slightly short -sighted thinking . The driving test is a short test , a snapshot that many factors may play a role. Of course, the driving test is an important hill that you want to overcome . However, the ultimate goal is located after the exam , as an INDEPENDENT driver to be part of the modern movement of the traffic as a SAFE and AGILE driver.