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General terms and conditions

ELBE driving school is based in Amsterdam , registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 34389804.

Article 1 – Obligations ELBE RIJSCHOOL

ELBE driving school is obliged to take care of :

  1. that is taught by instructors who meet the driving lessons Motor Vehicles Act lesson ( WRM ) ;
  2. that the application for the test of skills (further practical research ) by ELBE driving school – under payment of the amounts prevailing and on submission of the required documents – actually submitted to the Driving Test Foundation (hereafter CBR ) by two weeks after the date in consultation with the student has been decided that the practical can be requested and which the student the cost of applied research in ELBE driving school has met ;
  3. that the pupil through ELBE the practical driving school has requested the date and time that he / she is called by the CBR to sit the practical has access to the same or an equivalent type of vehicle that the lessons have taken place ;
  4. that the duration of the lessons to give , namely 50 minutes , is fully utilized for giving lessons ;
  5. that there is insurance , which at least provides a cover € 1,000,000 against liability of the driving school against the student.

Article 2 – Obligations student

The student is required :

  1. adhere to the agreed date , time and place for lessons ( by ELBE driving school is a waiting time of 15 minutes observed ) and do not appear at the appointed hour of instruction without timely cancellation to meet the full lesson price ;
  2. to comply if the lessons are canceled within 48 hours before the scheduled time . complete lesson price Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not included in these 48 hours . Cancellation should be used during business hours ELBE driving school and must be done personally by telephone. ’s Office or But also needs to be there. The student a read receipt of ELBE Rijschool submitted by e – mail A late cancellations lesson is not charged to cancel because of a compelling reason , such as the burial of a deceased person in the immediate family (1st / 2nd degree m ) or private emergency admission to hospital ;
  3. all directions of the driving instructor during lessons to follow ;
  4. agreed with ELBE driving school lesson , for example to learn parts of the lesson and the number of lessons per week to follow up to the date of the practical research to meet ;
  5. the student must submit . when practical to drive a valid identification and a valid theory certificate The student is responsible for meeting his / her theory certificate on time.
  6. any medical complaints and / or facts which the student can reasonably expect to be to the right to drive a motor vehicle in time to vote in the examination and ELBE before driving school driver training is commenced upon impact ;
  7. make sure that , if the practical has been successfully made ​​, on the basis of residency status a license can be issued thereof. ELBE driving school can not be made if a student issuing the license is denied liability ;
  8. the personal data of the student listed on the lesovereenkomst of ELBE driving school be processed by the traffic school , possibly within the meaning of the Data Protection Act ( PDPA). On the basis of this processing ELBE driving school can : execute the agreement , student optimal service provision and meet obligations to the student , providing him timely lessons of current information and make it personalized offers . In addition, the personal data may be made ​​available to third parties for direct marketing . By processing of personal data within the meaning of the purposes of direct mailing activities, the DPA is possible by student drawing resistance honored. At speed school
  9. visitors that an ordinary brochure or e – brochure from our website to vote thus may be called for by our staff .

Article 3 – Payment


  1. ELBE driving school is entitled to make . An entry fee / administration fee The student must pay these costs. Before the first driving lesson
  2. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, payment of the course fee must practice cash per lesson or forward an invoice to be paid . This applies to individual classes and packages . Theory Course fee must be paid before the start of the course are theory
  3. ELBE driving school is entitled during the period of lesovereenkomst , it is valid after signing the student to written notice of the student or ELBE driving school or after the successful completion of the practical research of the student increase . The lesson price Prepaid classes are then driven to the lesson price to increase . The student in that case have the right to terminate , by what authority he / she can make up to two weeks of receiving notification of the price increase . Use lesovereenkomst writing
  4. If payment of tuition fees by the student fails to ELBE driving school will receive the student 14 days after the arrears or 2 lessons after the delay had occurred an invoice . ELBE driving school is entitled to increase administrative costs . The amount of arrears These are at least € 13.50 .
  5. If, 14 days after the invoice, the invoice is not paid in full , the student is automatically in default. Then calculated interest on the outstanding amount . The interest rate is the statutory rate plus 2% per annum. The remaining part of the month from the time the payment should have been made , is considered as a whole month .
  6. This increase of the amount due shall be regarded as a condition which by ELBE driving school deferral is granted , without it the obligation of the student to pay cash or to pay by the agreed time lapsed .
  7. If the student remains in default to pay the amount over ELBE driving school can claim for collection to third parties . Then ELBE driving school is entitled to increase the amount owed. Collection costs This collection costs include both judicial and extrajudicial costs . Extrajudicial costs are all costs that are charged by lawyers , attorneys , bailiffs and anyone else who ELBE driving school is operated for the recovery of the amount due . Charged with driving school ELBE The extrajudicial costs are set at at least 15 % of the amount due , with a minimum of € 68.00 .
  8. If the student remains in default to pay the amount due is ELBE driving school is entitled to terminate the agreement to go when the student is declared in default in writing and in default by the lapse of the period prescribed by default about. This period should be a reasonable time. ELBE driving school must notify the student. Of termination in writing
  9. Trial is free , only seriously interested . This means that the pupil actually takes at least 10 follow lessons . Otherwise the pupil pays a fee of € 25 . Upon a lesson you pay € 25 , and after you have done at least 10 follow lessons you get this € 25 return .
  10. They receive two lessons gift ( or optionally an amount of € 50 in cash ) when installing a new student . Under a new student understands ELBE driving school a student will attend 10 classes . Least The two lessons ( or optionally an amount of € 50 in cash ) you get after 10 lessons are followed . Least

Article 4 – Application test of skills ( mock , interim test , driving test , further investigation , hereafter called the study)


  1. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing , the cost of or for the benefit of the application of research to cash ELBE driving school to be met. Only when the payment is done , the exam can be taken into consideration.
  2. Fourteen days after payment of the application of the investigation, the student the right to inspect the records demonstrating that his / her application has been made ​​or is reserved to a particular date
  3. If the investigation does not go ahead because the pupil or arrives late at the exam site, or because the student can not demonstrate the required documents, the cost of applying for a new investigation on behalf of the student
  4. If the investigation does not proceed due to holidays of the student and the holiday ( as is true with the holiday arrangements CBR ) in the application of research to the traffic school is specified then the costs for the application of a new survey on behalf of the traffic school .
  5. ELBE driving school is entitled to pass through price adjustments of the theoretical and / or practical part of the study after oral or written notice and is obliged to give . Requested by the student a written specification of the price change

Article 5 – Examination of skills

  1. If the CBR , CCV or BNOR the study due to bad weather at the appointed time leaves not proceed then ELBE driving school can offer the student in consultation a new exam date . For this calculates ELBE driving school no additional cost to the student. The fees of the lesson of the study is to be carried out . Well paid despite the bad weather by the pupil at ELBE driving school
  2. If the student ’s research can not commence or continue due to the fact that ;
  3. a relative up to the 2nd degree of the student or the instructor is deceased and the funeral has not taken place or will take place on the day of the investigation itself instead ;
  4. the lesvoertuig which the investigation is to be made ​​is not available and is not lesvoertuig of the same or equivalent type is available ;
  5. the lesvoertuig which the investigation is to be made ​​, is rejected by the examiner and no same or similar replacement vehicle is available ;
  6. ELBE driving school will ensure , if the student so desires, that a new exam date is made available. This will be done at no additional cost to the student.
  7. In the cases mentioned in the second paragraph, the traffic school also ensures that the student if he / she wants to apply again , research will receive three free lessons. This does not apply if it is a new application of an Interim key or other interim subtests .

Article 6 – Termination of lesovereenkomst

  1. If lesovereenkomst not been entered into for a fixed number of classes or not entered into for a fixed period lesovereenkomst can be terminated with a notice period of one month, and against the first day of a calendar month . Both the student and ELBE driving school The student is not required to attend driving school at ELBE subject to compliance with the provisions of article 2, paragraph 2 . Courses during this month
  2. If lesovereenkomst been entered into for a fixed number of classes or for a fixed agreed period, the student only terminate the lesovereenkomst for such misconduct, that he / it can be to continue , under obligation to the price of the already enjoyed not expect her reasonably lessons plus the price of a lesson as well as the administration , as well as to compensate . paid by ELBE driving school exam fees If the lump sum in advance have been fulfilled ELBE driving school will amount refunded after deduction of the amount paid by ELBE driving school exam fees and an amount in proportion to the number of already enjoyed lessons plus a fee equal to the price of a lesson as well as the administration .
  3. ELBE driving school may enter the lesovereenkomst for a fixed number of classes or for a fixed period , end only for such urgent reasons that may reasonably be expected of ELBE driving school can be continued under the refund to the student of that ( teaching ), these that which ELBE driving school has not yet performed , subject to the agreement of these reported Article 7 ability of the learner to apply to the Intermediary referred to therein .

Article 7 – Mediation and Dispute Resolution

  1. ELBE driving school is not liable for the foreclosures to study where the blame lies with the student (s ) ( such as late appeared to agree on a meeting , no valid documents , or Be it andersoorts cancellation by the student ( e ) ) .
  2. When foreclosures / cancellations , as mentioned in Article 7.1 of the student (s ) will not be entitled to any refund and / or ( loss ) fee.
  3. If a foreclosure of the research is the result of misconduct, solely on a burial / cremation in the family t / m 2nd degree , or if the student (s) will be admitted to the hospital on the day of the survey , then rushed Driving School Elbe and the CBR / BNOR / CCV entitled to keep . an amount for administrative The remainder is transferred to the bank / giro account of the participant (s ) . Or they made ​​a new study for the student (s ) after additional payment of the costs charged .
  4. Upon occurrence of foreclosure as mentioned in Article 7.3 , the student (s ) is forced to foreclosure in writing within 14 days by to demonstrate the CBR . a death certificate or doctor’s note If the student (s ) is not able to show the foreclosure in this way than ELBE driving school will handle the foreclosure as mentioned in Article 7.1 ;
  5. If the student (s ) is not at least 1 time per week 2 lessons consecutively ( ie a time block per week) follow lessons , whether or too absent for driving lessons , the driving instructor is entitled to take the exam not to attend and not to provide for the investigation. lesauto
  6. If the student ( e ) payments must still be carried out on the day of the examination, the student ( e ) payment shall be made by bank transfer or cash for research. If no payment is received from the outstanding debt , the driving instructor is entitled to the investigation did not attend and do not forget to indicate the investigation. Lesauto The outstanding debt thus remains still an obligation that must be . Yet met
  7. In the case of Article 7.5 and 7.6 of the participant (s ) shall not be entitled to any refund and / or ( loss ) fee.
  8. ELBE school / driving instructors are not liable for studies that are already enjoyed or the outcome of the investigation . And the student (s ) will not be entitled to any refund / ( loss ) compensation for this .

Article 8 – Indemnification

  1. ELBE RIJSCHOOL indemnify the student claims by third parties as a result of collision , on or driven over made ​​during the lessons as well as during the field trial , with the exception of those incidents that result intent and / or gross negligence of the student , as well as the use by the disciple of alcohol, narcotics or drugs that affect driving ability .
  2. If the student , despite his / her statement , she / he is a judicial decision is no authority denied motor vehicle to drive , nor his / her driving license was , however, lessons take and if the statement is false , indemnify the student ELBE driving school is complete and will fully reimburse any relevant penalties imposed , and any other financial consequences take complete .

Article 9 – Start package , All-in package , and crash course

  1. If the student chooses a driving course where an intake is required , he / she is required to do it. Intake This intake is before the driver training taken and before the contract is entered into with the student ,
  2. If the student chooses a starter pack , all-in package , or crash course he / she must follow , which occurs from the interim test or mock exam . Advice on the follow- up If the student decides not to follow this advice or fail to take the interim test or test exam , the one- part exam warranty invalid .
  3. If the student is not in possession of a valid certificate or valid identity theory making the interim test can not be taken off the exam warranty.