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Examination tips


( ie it appears that following ( seemingly simple ) situations  about being overlooked  quite often )


  • elberijschoolrondwitWatch your speed when approaching a bus containing a stationary bus in urban areas , well on the direction of the bus. If his left indicator starts flashing , you can then make a stop in time ? .
  • When leaving the village for good acceleration make sure you do not get caught .
  • When approaching a pedestrian crossing at an early stage sides of the crosswalk or no one comes running so you can stop in time. See you accidentally at the last moment ( just a few meters to the zebra) that someone comes running you can do better then drive you to stand with the risk that the top of the brake at the last elberijschoolrondwitmoment the car you , you will be riding .
  • When crossing major priority junctions also look before crossing right on the bike path on the other side of the crossroads . That’s also because of the priority road and should of course be free if you are going to cross.
  • If there is a narrow street parked cars on your side and there are oncoming cars then you will have to wait. Then start already with it to see if you can drive safely (interior , exterior and next to the left ) as the last oncoming vehicle is almost over. Then there because no time is lost between the time the oncoming vehicle passed and the time of pulling away . And the traffic behind you might otherwise think you parked.
  • If you hit an obstacle on your side of the road , start very early with the look (interior , exterior and next left) and swerve so you can still return to the obstacle to the right if there suddenly turns up oncoming vehicle .
  • Make sure that you (sharp ) turns to the right check in time on the right shoulder and not too long otherwise look to the left you will turn to be too broad.
  • For left turns careful not to cut off too much . In narrow streets , a car right then do not drive into the street where you come true . Even if there is almost a car parked at the corner of the street on the right , after the relocation of those cars still come back to the right to submit to the left .
  • If we get into a file ( eg at traffic lights ) always make sure that you do not block the cross traffic ( eg, a street or a cycle ) .
  • If there are two lanes in the same direction and at the right lane is a truck or bus , take the left lane because you accelerates faster than large vehicle.
  • Will there be a driver of the right to equal intersection and stops it for you, then stop and do not take precedence gesture , but the other driver that he should go first.
  • A deceleration lane is usually completely unidirectional. If you are the examiner at the end of the slip road turn left forward , make sure that you are in lane all the way to the left .
  • If in a given situation is little space and there is an oncoming vehicle on , please do not send to the right , but reduce speed or stop if necessary .
  • When a turn at a traffic light around ‘good on any right through traffic on the same road with even green light .
  • Look at turning left except the left and right also good for you to TRAFFIC ( including pedestrians !) On the same road going straight (straight through traffic has priority ) and to DRIVERS who make the short turn ! ! .
  • Study for your practical test all the priority rules . Perhaps using your theory book and any notes you’ve made  during the theory course.elberijschoolrondwit
  • Eat a banana just before the examination will start (research has shown that it makes you comforting).
  • Good luck …