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instruction movies

Check out our instructio movies for you to prepare for the lessons as much as possible

Of each lesson part of the course card, you can see a movie.

Part 1: Operation (Adjust seat mirrors, steering, braking, switch, etc)
Part 2: Simple traffic situations (simple crossroads, turn, etc.)
Part 3: Complex traffic situations (complex junctions, joining and leaving, etc)
Part 4: Conduct / drive independently (adjusted decisively, defensive driving, navigation, etc)

Here you after your lessons, or just prior to your lessons or practical, instructions for learning to drive a quiet view online.

Through one of the documents listed below, you can view the movies (to open them you need to type in a password which can be requested by sending an email to of een sms naar 0644438038) :



Instructionmovies Butterhuizen.pdf

Instructionmovies Butterhuizen.doc