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Driving lessons

The lessons are gradually covered in a logical sequence . Such that we step by step ( from easy to difficult ) exercise the piece of learning with you. We continue with the next lesson if it turns out that you can carry out the lesson. Properly and independently You progress of the 40 different classes , we keep track of you personal instruction card ( instructiekaart ). The lessons are simple in the beginning and under full supervision . As the lessons progress , we are working to complete independently rides. We love interim test exams to measure your progress. If we feel we can read a newspaper during your driving lessons, because you show that you can drive , independent , decisive and secure, then you are ready for the driving test at the CBR . We estimate then that you at least a score of 5 or higher in the form introspection candidate ( zelfreflectie kandidaat ) for all the points above average .

Note the point SAFETY and then the part “I recognize potential hazards on time and I make sure that it stays as safe as possible”, is by far the most important and weighty part of the driving test . This section must be completed with a minimum sufficient to pass the driving test .

Tip : How do you now that you recognize ( potential ) danger in time , now driving experience is very useful , you have not already (which is quite logical for a novice driver) , you can fix this by AHEAD too ? ? LOOK , VER to sCAN , FORWARD and to look far for RELEVAGE Fante traffic . FORWARD The fair fante timely information you need to make . Safely plan on time During the lessons we are going to practice this frequently .

Once you’re on the lessons you will notice that there are ( too ) much information coming at you. We give you every reason an instruction lessons , so you can go through on you. Pace and when it suits your home the lesson ( already ) The instruction videos are here : instructiefilms

Various study materials:

Furthermore, you can find various information and study materials below . Useful to support the lessons. When opening a document, you have to type a password , request the password via an email to Note it can take while (hourglass ) before the entire file is downloaded ! !

Graduation Requirements
The Netherlands is a densely populated country , with a lot of traffic movements and therefore it is important that a ( new ) motorist is well prepared for the current traffic intensity. The requirements for driver training and examination are therefore in a high level .

Driving procedure
To indicate the level of a candidate is expected, is in collaboration with the CBR , BOVAG , the Police and the OTCRIJ ( military driver training ) worked out in detail how one would wish that a motorist is behaving in various situations . The most desirable behavior is summarized in the ” rijprocedure ” which may be used as the textbook of instructors and examiners . Actually seen a little
The rijprocedure discusses vehicle control , traffic participation and social traffic . We use this rijprocedure (co ) as a basis for your driver training .

deviant behavior
Of course, no one can be expected to drive perfectly ( funny enough, many people find that , incidentally, to himself ) . Therefore, behavior that does not quite match the standards tolerated . Examiners are trained to assess whether a candidate is within the limits of the permissible . Especially in this area One looks or the independent drive (and can catch mistakes of others ) , SAFE , insightful drive ( looking far ahead and predict ) , and since any ride brisk pace ( with the current drive ) within the norm of permissible continue .

When do you have the right driving skills ?
What is expected of a candidate is running order , can be described as follows :
control of the vehicle in various situations
independence: so self – traffic signs and keep an eye on and apply , determine pace to make decisions on the basis of the situations , anticipate the behavior of others ) .
Safety of : drive so that there is no danger to themselves or others created. Taking into account the more vulnerable road users.
fluency : drive at the appropriate speed , the speed limit where possible , demonstrate decisiveness and thus unnecessarily wait , slow down and drive slowly occur . This is due to interfering with other traffic.
Social traffic : take into account the behavior of other traffic , including vulnerable road users such as children , cyclists and the disabled.
traffic insight : on time to respond to a (future ) situation .
If you comply with these points then you can call yourself driving condition. That does not mean that once you should also faultless drive .